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3D printing price examples

If one has no experience with 3D printing, it can be difficult to guess what a 3D print will cost. The price for a 3D print is calculated for the individual 3D model and is based on material usage, bounding box size etc. If you have a 3D model it is very easy to get a price – simply upload it to our instant quote tool.

But if you do not already have a 3D model, it is not easy to guess what your 3D print might cost. Therefore we have found three examples for you to get an idea of what your own 3D print could cost. It could be cheaper than you think!

The prices can vary due to changing material prices and should only be regarded as guidelines.

Price examples:

3d printed metal gear

Example 1: Gear in stainless steel:

The first example is a part printed in stainless steel because strength was very important to its use. The gear has a diameter of 40 mm.

A print like that cost around $62.

If one wanted to 3D print the same model in plastic, it would be significantly cheaper and would only have cost around $15.

3d printed miniature car

Example 2: Large miniature car in plastic:

This is a larger 3D print; even though it is a miniature car it is around 210 mm long and has a volume of around 700 cubic centimetres.

The model is 3D printed in plastic on HP's Multi Jet Fusion printer because it is one of the printers that can print large enough, because it produces a high level of detail, and because it makes relatively cheap 3D prints.

The miniature car cost around $98 to 3D print.

3d printed golden necklace pendant

Example 3: Necklace pendant in precious metal:

A rather different price example is this large and beautiful custom-made necklace pendant which is 3D printed in brass and plated with 18 karat gold. The piece of jewelry is 50 mm long.

The golden print cost around $39 to 3D print – cheaper than one would think!

It would have cost around $67 to have 3D printed the same model in pure silver.


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