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Our service is built on quality and efficiency; without one, the other does not matter. But to achieve quality and efficiency, one must have good communication. Therefore, we do what we can to facilitate good communication. It also makes the process more transparent and safe for the customer.


It all started with an interest in 3D modeling from a young age. I, Anders, spent hours improving my skills. Slowly the interest spread to 3D printing.

When I was 15, I was contacted by a company that wanted to hire me to design and model a range of their products. After that, I started working freelance with 3D modeling primarily for 3D printing, and my knowledge and experience in 3D modeling and 3D printing grew. It started in my bedroom, but today,

DDD-imension has helped hundreds of customers turn idea into reality.

Until I started DDD-imension, I had to send away my clients once I had modeled their projects. We no longer have to. Now we can help our customers all the way from A to Z. And with our online instant quoting tool, it is done as efficiently as possible.

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