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3D printing.

Move efficiently from idea to finished 3D print.



3D printing

Our mission is simple: we want to make 3D printing as accessible and streamlined as possible, no matter where you are in the process. We achieve efficiency and quality with advanced technology, but we know that good communication is at least as important to reach the goal.


A 3D printing project can be complicated. It doesn't have to be. We are happy to advise (without obligation) right from the idea to finished 3D print.


If you don't have a 3D file ready to be 3D printed, we start here. Your thoughts, sketches or pictures are made into a digital 3D model, which can be 3D printed.

3D print

With deep knowledge of 3D printing and a large network of services, we help you choose the right technology and 3D printing service so that you achieve optimal quality and price.

Advantages of 3D printing:



With 3D printing, there are no start-up costs – the first print is just as cheap as the next. And here you get the price right away.


3D printing is not just prototypes. In addition to being able to make things that are impossible with traditional production methods, the performance and finish is of top quality.


Upload, print, repeat. 3D printing is fast, so it could very well be the shipping that takes the longest time when you order your 3D print.


When you order your 3D print, you can be sure that the result will be as you expect it – and that you will get the same result every time. 


With modern 3D printing technology, only your imagination sets the limits. Pretty much whatever you need, we can make it with 3D printing.​

  • Products

  • Industrial parts

  • Prototypes (rapid prototyping)

  • Miniatures and figures

  • Jewelry​

3d printet trofæ af guld og keramik

Material overview:

There are many different materials for 3D printing with an incredible variety of properties – strength, level of detail, surface, chemical properties, etc. We help you find the perfect material for your project.


Popular types of materials:

3d print nylon plastic billig


Cheap, flexible and strong

3d print detaljer resin plastic

Precision plastic

Details down to 0.1 mm

3d print farve

Color materials

Millions of colors without finishing

3d print metal/stål/aluminium


Metal parts in record time

3d print guld

Precious metals

Gold, silver, bronze etc.

What our customers say:


"We had to make a Christmas present for the company's best friends, and wanted to give them something out of the ordinary.
After a quick and efficient design and proofreading process, we received the most beautiful earrings with our logo. They are so popular that we have had to order an extra 200."

- Cecilie Rue, GynZone

3d printet ørering i guld

Case study: GynZone

"Fast delivery, trustworthy and top quality." 

"One of the most professional people I have interacted with." 

"You do all the right things."

3d model drone

Case study: Aergility

"Anders' attention to detail was amazing. This was my first time with 3D printing, and I was completely unaware of how much “engineering” goes into making a file into something physical. He helped make subtle redesigns to ensure we were successful. ”

- Brian Vander Mey, Aergility

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